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GNU General Public License v3
Time-O-Meter is free software ("Open Source") and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.
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Time recording with Time-O-Meter is web-based and project-oriented so that it can be used from anywhere and with minimal effort.

Waste of time is the easiest of all waste.
(Henry Ford)
Labour time planning and time recording The business environment for small and medium sized companies in the services sector has changed drastically in the last few years. Where a handshake was enough to seal a contract in the past, today detailed time recording is required for the clearing of services.
As projects become smaller and more fragmented, the project billing also becomes more complex; employees are scattered across different locations and project offices working for different clients.

Up to now, the most common way of time recording involved using printed forms or spreadsheet programs, which have reached their limitations: time recording and project billing take more and more time. Time-O-Meter, the web-based time recording system for the docemos GmbH solves these problems. Time-O-Meter allows for flexible time recording while making it easier to monitor projects:

  1. Access your time recording from anywhere - without special software!
  2. Assign labour to several projects to simplify recording and billing of the service!
  3. Be notified automatically when a project's budgeted time is approaching a critical value!
  4. Keep track of your employees' holidays and flextime!

Because Time-O-Meter is available as Open Source software for free, use especially pays off for small companies.

Why should smaller engineering offices and service companies in particular, use a database for time recording? The docemos GmbH uses Time-O-Meter for its own timekeeping.

Learn more about the OpenSource project „Time-O-Meter“ and the development of the time recording system.